I see caterpillers and they are moving. -Tre
i see the caterpillers and they are moveing and it looks scary -tatiana
the caterpillars are sleeping-rasheed
We got new caterpilers.I think they are moving.Catapilers-Peace.
There not moving but I like it anyway - ousmanebarry
i think that the caterpillar is growing new skin. and geting fater. -mu
The caterpillars are moving and they're eating food -Maryam
now the caterpillars are eating-ayan
the catopiller are eatting-meriam
They are skinny-Alassane
Two of them are in a web-Ali
looks like its new.-jayde
they are cute & cool.there legs look like spikes.there name is painted lady.they have antenas,bodycovering,long tounge,bold black head,wings,6 legs.when there caterpillars they eat tan tiny dots,when there butterfly they eat fruit that has juice and water.-jackie
The caterpillars are moven like a -memo
thay got biger love keshawn
thank that thay will thrnne an to a catrsspelrsethat are cool-kayla