that is so cool there in chrisilisis .so soon its gana be a butterfly.-ajla


one of them are almost a cryislis-Ali
it,so cutebutterfly.-Barakat

today some of them are almost to the pupa-aryan
now there in a crisalis just in 2 day and there almost to a butterfly.-AYODELE
I can not wait in to they turn to butterfleis because they are like class pet_Blessing THE CATERPILLAR IS ON THE 3 STEP OF THE LIFE CYCLE-CHIOMA
I see the caterpillar are a chisillisis right now and I am going to see the caterpillar turn into a butterfly.-ESE
today i see the caterpillar turn to chrysalis.-Gedion
The caterpillerare in there crislis.-FARIDAH
The butterflys ate to much
that they got fat to quick.-GEORGE
they are in there crysalis.-jackie
so cooits in the chrisylls or the pupa or the cacoon it has to be fat to be in the chrisyllys.l.-jayde
socool its-kayla
biger lovekeshawn
We just got the butterflys and they turned into crysalis-Maryam
the butterflies is a papu- meriam
the pupa is made out of the caterpillar skin.and the chrisyllys is thik too.and thats how butterfly grows. -mu
I think that a pupa is the third part of the life cycle
butter fly is a pupa. -rasheed
The butterfie got big so quick.-Robert
the butterfly got big so quick and it is in its coocon rite now then when it comes out it will be a butterfly-tati