The stuff on the bottom is gross. -Culugdy
The caterpillar is black. -Jakaree
I see so much legs. They are spicked. They only one moves. And I think they are sleeping. -Maseerah
Spikey, brown, yellow, black, small like a worm, wigly, cripey, small, funny. -Leila
They have to grow up. When the caterpillar eat they grow. -Jesuseun
They have growen. They have spikes. It looks like it's floating and it's in a cup. -Shanil
I named the little cut caterpillar Rosa. The caterpillars grew some more and somethingg white a round all of the caterpillars. -Yildis
They look fake put real and still. -Atif
The caterpillar is growing kind o fbig. and when it's big and big it will think into a criysaliss and it will turn into a butterfly. -Yusra
The caterpillar are eating. The caterpillar are long. -Dustin
the caterpillar are biger and fater. -Enzo
the catipilar could turn into a chrysalys and will turn into a butter fly. -Nicholas
The caterpillar are biger and a lot of legs.- Robert
first its a egg when it haches its a caterpiler .then it gose into a cucun .when it gets out of there cucun its a butterfiy.-ajla
A caterpillar eats and grows fater and slower Ali.
The catipillars are fat.-Alassane
after a few days the buterfly in the pupa comes out of the pupa and try really heard to get out of the pupa then when the buterfly gets out the wings are wet so the buterfly waits amoument and the buterfly practic to fly and later when the buterfly gets



lder the buterfly lay there eggs on the leafs so they could be safe and could grow more buterflys and caterpillar`