the butterfly are spreading there wings-rasheed

i think it cute.-barakat

the buterfly are buterflys keshawn
the butterflys are eating oranges and i see them relaxing from all the flying and because there really tired-Maryam
I is the butterfly is not moving and it is not eating the cuties.Ese
the butterflie is eating.-Robert
Now they are butterflies-Alassane some had hatch and some are still in there chrysilis and one is eating a cuteright now.-jayde
I see a butterfly now last time i saw it was a chryilais and now it is a butterfly.CHIOMA
There is still eating cutes.And there is still a butterfly up at the top of the thing and it is resting.And there christalis looks really super duper very super duper cool.I love butterflys because the back of them look cool.-GEORGE
the butterfly is larning how to fly
the butterflys have coler on ther wengs and wiy do the butterfly open ther wengs and close ther wengs. by gilmar
The butterfiy is so cool cause i never got to see relly live butterfly-faridah

the buttefly is so cool and the buttefly are so cool they are eating theyr foodi love thebuttefly so much so -kayla the buterflys are so prety becouse there painted ladeys -ajla
i see some butterflys flying and climbing -Ali i think it is prity and nice and cool and i think it can fly and i think it is scard and they eat oungse tatiana I like the butterfly so munch because there pretty & there are the danger one because when my class went to the nacher muemen for a fled trip we went to the work shop and Igot to be like a butterfly and the techer said that the black & yellow one._Blessing