i see one of the buterflys is eating know two are eating.-ajla
i see only one is almost at the top.-ali
i see a butterfly sleeping in the cuti cup -aryan [redliguid]
I see it has pant all over because when it come out of it's caone it has some ink that makes pant all over the [meconium] but now there butterflyauldt they sememe to like to eat cutes.I think butterflies will pracitce on keeping flying.-barakat
i see one eating a orange and four are resting right know.and they are colorful.and this kind of batterfly can fly sixty miles.and that is my favorite batterfly-mu I
I see a buterfly sleeping and I named it Therno thats my uncil too-OUSMANEBARRY
thebutterlfly sleeping I named him buddy.-rasheed
The buttefly eating ORANGS!!.Robert