they are about to turn into butterflys .i know that becuose there in chisilisis -Ajla
I see a chrylis. -Edgar
i see a crisles and that is the third step of the life cycle of a butterfly.-Chioma
i see three crysalis and two caterpillars turning into cysalis-Maryam
the catipillars are turning a pupa.rasheed
Now they are crysilises.-Allassane
first they beu calpiter then it terns in to crysilises then it terns in to butterfly -tatiana
thayareckails. keshawn
threare a ckailsan the jare-kayla
I could see some are in there chrills and some are already in there chrsllys-jayyyyde
Today I saw the catapilers they looked like a pupa.-peace
Toady i see catapillers change to pupa.-barakat
today the catapillers get big they stay from the top-gedion
three are in a crysalis two are making a pupa or a crysalis.there going to turn in caterpillars.-jackie
two of the catipallors are in the pupa-aryan
The catipallors are in threr crislis.-Faridah
The cresils hiage to a botrfly -Memo
Today the catapillars are in a cocon.And one of the butterflies are in the cocon and the cocon is shacking very fast and there is 2 little black things in the painted lady butterflie thing where the butterflie and there is even more brown stuff and they look like there is already a butterflie.NOW THE COCON IS SHAKING REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST!!!!!!!-GEORGE
the catipallirs is turing to a pupa.-meriam
Now they made two baby butterflys and there still in cristlis and now there SHAKING REALLY HARD AND FAST-AYODELE
I see five catapilers are in a cresile they are shakeing.They are two spider or litte cataoilers and I still see that web fom last week _Blessing
it shakes to get all the way in the pupa.-mu
I am seeing that one of is shaking-Ese
i saw all of the were moving.-Ali
ther shaking. -ousmane