7:50 am

i see a caterpillars in mud.There eating to get bigger. -jackiE
The catrepillars are the size of my finger-Faridah
All of them are makeing a crisiles -OUSMANE
the caterpillar eat a lot of food and they have lettle spikes on there top of body. the life cycle of a caterpillar is that the caterpillar is frist as a egg then it is a catrpillar then it is a crisles finially it is a butterfly.-Chioma
the catilpillar are geting fater and a crisylas then butterfly -rasheed
i see that they are turing to papu almost coming soon and the are still catapiller.-meriam
The catrepillars are makeing like a web. It is funing to watch.There are cool! I love Butterfly! They are growing longer.-Blessing
The catapilers are growing.The catapilers are about to make cristlists.Buterflys are cool!i Iove buterflys!-peace
i see a catpres -Memo
the kiackpl got big. -keshawn
they became big as grow-aryan
They are so long and look so cool and they move very fast now.And there is something brown inside it which looks so discussting.And there's some silk in side so they can get in to a cristaly. -GEORGE
The catrepillars got longer and biger.-Robet
I know that first it a egg then a caterpillar then a pupa or/crislis then few day it will become a butterfly.-Ese
Now it's webey because catapilers are falling why there making crisstlis and it gets mudy and there fhighting sometimes to so why there trying to to make crisstlis they have shavings in the mud and it's everwhere.-AYODELE

This is what our caterpillars looked like by the end of the day!!
Here is a video of our caterpillars: